I’m on Twitter, Linked in and Google+. I have a Pinterest account because, obviously, we are all supposed to. I am also on Quora. If that wasn’t enough, here is an About.me page. I have also been a martial arts practitioner for a very long time, a Masters Hall of Fame inductee. I also write in my spare time, but don’t be alarmed, it’s going nowhere.

I produce films. Sometimes people see them.

I was formally:

– The president of a genre film production company
– A consultant for Asian film companies
– A celebrity bodyguard
– A bouncer in several bars across the country
– Kickboxing trainer for a world champion
– The World’s Most Dangerous Receptionist

I am also a lifetime martial artist and a member of The Masters Hall of Fame. I am the creator of Fight Proof™ Applied Martial Arts. I do seminars, mostly for use of force professionals.

I was also told I look like Brad Pitt from behind by a very drunk lady with questionable teeth.

Entertainment Bio

Eric Thompson’s career in entertainment has spanned the last sixteen years. Thompson was President of the genre label Maverick Red for Maverick Films and has had multiple “First Look” overhead deals with companies such as Gold Circle Films, Maverick Films and Paramount Pictures. During his time at Maverick Films, Thompson was involved as an executive on films such as AGENT CODY BANKS, and the sequel AGENT CODY BANKS II: DESTINATION LONDON, both released by MGM, along with 30 DAYS UNTIL I’M FAMOUS, produced with VH-1, THE RICHES for FX, HIT AND RUN as well as remake of THE STEPFATHER for MGM, MY SASSY GIRL for Gold Circle Films, TWILIGHT with Summit Entertainment and PERCY JACKSON & THE OLYMPIANS: THE LIGHTENING THEIF with Sony Pictures among others still in development. He also produced the independent feature SAM’S LAKE which was released by Lion’s Gate Films. Thompson currently finished the horror/thriller RITES OF SPRING under his independent label Vigilante Entertainment. Most recently Thompson produced the quirky horror-comedy Hansel and Gretel Get Baked, released Tribeca Films.


Eric Thompson has traveled the world for the last 30 years, studying the various traditional arts. He had the good fortune to touch hands with many of the living masters along the way. Thompson started training in his youth with Okinawa Kenpo Karate Kobudo in Jacksonville, NC, the home of Camp Lejeune, and would continute to study the arts for the rest of his life, jumping at each chance to learn something new or improve what he already had. Thompson worked security in bars before he was even old enough to drink in one. The years of working in clubs with ”high frequencies” of incidents has given him the experience of hands-on encounters numbering literally in the thousands. Thompson had the privilege to train and be trained by some of the elite special forces because of the relationships he developed at Camp Lejeune, and he completed the police academy at the top of his class in the early 90’s. He went on to work as a skip tracer/bounty hunter before eventually making his way to Los Angeles where he would gain notoriety as a coveted celebrity security specialist. Thompson has been a personal bodyguard for many world-famous entertainers: among his list of clients are Madonna, Will Smith, and Arnold Schwarzenegger, as well as some less- public, private clients that cannot be mentioned. Thompson was inducted into the Master’s Hall of Fame for the Martial Arts in 2011.

Thompson holds Dan rankings in both Okinawan styles of Karate and instructor rankings in Kung Fu as well as Muay Thai.

Formal training history:
Okinawa Te 2nd Dan
Okinawa Freestyle Karate 2nd Dan
Okinawa Kenpo Karate 6th Dan
Kang Chuan Do 6th Dan

Expanded Study with Experts in:
Muay Thai
Monkey Boxing
Krav Maga

Expert Instructor of Specialized Professional Applications:
Commercial and Combative ”Use of Force”
Threat Assessment Proceedures & Applications

Silver Lifetime Achievement Award recipient, Master’s Hall of Fame




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