A film on the great American film director, Samuel Fuller, the Typewriter, the Rifle, and the Movie Camera is narrated by Tim Robbins, and with the participation of Quentin Tarantino, Jim Jarmusch, and Martin Scorsese, the documentary proves to be a fantastic search into Samuel Fuller’s films, his approach to filmmaking, and the art of cinema itself. Fuller is a machine that drops gem after gem as he speaks about film and how he writes with the camera. Though he may not be well-remembered among recent generations, his influence stretches well across film history. Martin Scorsese even confesses that he used a scene from Fuller’s The Steel Helmet for Raging Bull—and so it is more than worthwhile to see this documentary, especially as it depicts a filmmaker who easily crosses the line between Independent filmmaking and Hollywood studio moviemaking.

The documentary itself is divided in three parts. “The Typewriter” focuses on Fuller’s past, his early career as a copy boy made crime reporter, while “The Rifle” portrays Fuller’s experiences as a soldier in World War II. Finally, “The Movie Camera” follows Fuller the director. Samuel Fuller, the Typewriter, the Rifle, and the Movie Camera is a great watch for anyone wanting to learn from a master filmmaker! —Edwin Adrian Nieves, A-BitterSweet-Life




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