David Fincher, Brad Pitt, and Morgan Freeman lend their voices and insight into this commentary track for Se7en:

“The underlying truth of all of these characters is they are in the violent business.” – Morgan Freeman

“If the ultimate journey is truth, or quest defined in a scene, then don’t fight it. At least, at its worst, you’ll have something that’s truthful.” – Brad Pitt

“To me, this is the closest I’ve been to a perfect film. Can we end on that?” – Brad Pitt

“What about Fight Club?” – David Fincher

25 Things We Learned From the ‘Se7en’ Commentary

Se7en Script by Andrew Kevin Walker for your downloading and reading pleasure:


This isn’t going to have a happy ending.
—William Somerset

Art of the Title: Se7en (1995)

Storyboard Study – Meeting John Doe

This is the part when they’re visiting John Doe’s apartment. The shots are happen at the stairways and the 6th floor hallway of the apartment building. The following shot after is Mills shouting “The Fifth Floor” as he’s getting down to the 5th floor. I saw things I simply didn’t notice before although I’ve watched it quite few times.



In the links to the following pages, you will see the unshot alternative ending that was included on the Criterion LaserDisc in storyboard format. Additionally, there is a very detailed diagram as to the horrific device used for the “Lust” crime.


Fincher Film School: On Directing


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