Download The Wrestler Screenplay by Robert Siegel. Directed by Darren Aronofsky.

This was never released on The Wrestler DVD. I asked Darren to interview Mickey for me because Mickey never liked having me on set (i was the set photographer). So a couple months after we wrapped I had Darren invite me to Mickey’s house in NYC. He had all these little dogs peeing and humping pillows and running around our legs… snorting like little piglets. But I just want people to see this… I think it was right before the Oscars… when Sean Penn got it for Milk. —Niko Tavernise

This movie i put together for the Wrestler wrap party. there’s some stuff on there that no one’s seen .. well besides the crew at the party. but its fun watching everyone try to get Mickey excited by singing Round and Round at that bar.. which was a hell day for everyone involved. man.. i never want to hear that song again. anyway.. everyone seemed to like this video and finally the crew realized what i was doing on set everyday. besides the obvious still photos. So here tis.. Thanks to the Crüe.

This is the making of The Wrestler i made. Even if Mickey hated me and wouldnt let me take my photo.. even though Darren decided to shoot his film in the dead of winter in Jersey.. even though i had to drive 2 hours to set every morning.. it still came out pretty cool. this was shot with my HVX200 which kinda sucked having it strapped around me with my silent box for stills and my 20D. It wasnt until Black Swan where i shot it all with one camera!!! amazing… one camera.

I flew to LA to interview Clint and then go with him and my wife to the premier of The Wrestler. Fun night. my first premier. Darren had me cut some of this into the dvd for The Wrestler, so this has never been seen in its full length. Clint is an all around awesome dude. i guess he just signed on to write all the music for Mass Effect 3! nice.. good luck ma man.


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