Exclusive Interview: Writer/Director Padraig Reynolds Talks Rites of Spring, His Trilogy Plans and More

For his feature film debut Rites of Spring, writer/director Padraig Reynolds blends a heist gone wrong with a creature feature set in rural cornfields, and the results feel like The Wicker Man, Jeepers Creepers and Reservoir Dogs got together and made out for 81 minutes.

Starring Anessa Ramsey and AJ Bowen, Rites of Spring is heading to limited theaters this Friday, July 27th, courtesy of IFC Films; and in anticipation of the flick’s arrival to the big screen, Dread Central recently caught up with first-time filmmaker Reynolds to hear more about what inspired his genre-bending tale, his casting choices and what he has in store for his Rites of Spring trilogy.

Check out our interview with Reynolds below, and look for Rites of Spring in limited theaters this Friday!

Dread Central: We’d love to hear more about what inspired this movie, especially the blending of these two genres together. It’s just so unusual so we’re curious what went into the process for you.

Padraig Reynolds: Well, my two favorite genres are heist movies and horror movies so I just thought blending them together like this would be a lot of fun. I just loved the idea of the bad guys becoming the good guys so I wrote Rites of Spring and its sequel back-to-back when I moved to Los Angeles in about 2002. At the time there were some friends of mine who wanted to do two horror movies back-to-back and approached me about writing and directing, but those two movies fell through and never happened so I just held onto them.

I knew, though, that I had something interesting with these scripts so I just kept plugging away and kept sending scripts out wherever I could. Then in 2007 I met Eric Thompson, who was working at Maverick Red at the time, and he just fell in love with Rites of Spring so he brought it to some investors he knew in Mississippi, and that’s how this all began. Originally our plan was to do two movies back-to-back last year, but when we were doing it, they asked if we could only do one to start with so we did. I have two more stories, though, I’d love to make in this series so hopefully that will happen soon.

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