Rites of Spring is a new film written and directed by Padraig Reynolds. Who is Padraig Reynolds? After watching the movie, I asked the same question. When a filmmaker delivers something interesting, I immediately want to a bit more information. Maybe there is something else on offer. Padraig Reynolds has a couple of short films under his belt, Green Arrow Fan Film (2004) and The Election (2007). Reynolds has also written a television mini-series Buried Alive (2007). I focus a bit on Mr. Reynolds because having watched Rites of Spring I have to say that I was impressed with the film’s structure and especially its dark tone. The type of story delivered by Padraig Reynolds is right up my alley. The film is not perfect but for me there was a lot to like and I look forward to more films from Padraig Reynolds especially if he continues to tell stories like Rites of Spring. Stories about the monsters within men and the monsters that come from the dark places we fear to hunt men. More please.

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E. Thompson

I make movies. Sometimes people see them. I have been a martial artist for a very long time. I'm in a personal war with the Oxford comma.

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