IFC Midnight nabs ‘Rites of Spring’ – Entertainment News, Film News, Media – Variety

IFC Midnight nabs ‘Rites of Spring’ – Entertainment News, Film News, Media – Variety

IFC Midnight nabs ‘Rites of Spring’

Company gets U.S. rights to Padraig Reynolds’ thriller

IFC Midnight has acquired U.S. rights to director Padraig Reynolds’ kidnapping thriller “Rites of Spring.”

Deal was announced Thursday. IFC Midnight, a sister division to IFC Films and Sundance Selects, didn’t disclose a release date.
The film, penned by Reynolds, stars A.J. Bowen, Anessa Ramsey, Sonny Marinelli, Katherine Randolf, Marco St. John, Hannah Bryan, Sarah Pachelli, James Bartz, Shanna Forestall, Skylar Burke, and Andrew Breland. Wes Benton and Eric Thompson produced with Bobby Benton and John Norris exec producing.
“Rites” centers on a group of kidnappers abducting the daughter of a wealthy socialite and hiding out in an abandoned school in the middle of the woods. But feelings of guilt soon overtake the kidnappers, dividing the group and putting their entire plan in jeopardy — and the evening further spirals out of control when their poorly chosen hideout becomes a hunting ground for a mysterious creature that requires springtime ritualistic sacrifices.
Bowen recently starred “You’re Next,” which premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival where it was acquired by Lionsgate.
Deal for “Rites” was negotiated by Jeff Deutchman, Director of Acquisitions & Productions for Sundance Selects/IFC Films with Nate Bolotin of XYZ Films on behalf of the filmmakers.
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