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Written by Jonathan Weichsel

Via Film Radar

 Rites of Spring:

 Rites of Spring is a rare kind of movie: A commercial extreme horror film that also has a great story.A man who was wrongfully fired from his job conspires with a criminal to kidnap the daughter of his wealthy ex-boss and hold her for ransom. Meanwhile, the woman who actually caused the crisis that got the man fired is abducted by a farmer who sacrifices women to a monster every spring to make rain come and water the crops.The kidnapping starts to go wrong when it turns out that the criminal the man has been conspiring with is a psychopath who takes things much further than the man is willing to go, when the conspirators all start to double cross each other, and when the father of the kidnapped girl turns out to be more badass than anybody expected.The woman escapes from the farmer and the monster, after witnessing her friend being sacrificed, and is chased by the monster through farmland until she ends up at the abandoned building where the kidnappers are hiding out. Now all of these people, who have every reason to hate one another, must work together in order to survive.I absolutely love extreme horror when it is done well. The problem is, most of the time it isn’t. Rites of Spring has some unique torture scenes, and a lot of hardcore, realistic killings and gore, but what makes it work is that it never loses sight of the fact that it is a plot driven movie, and the plot never lets up. It also benefits from a well thought out back story that is revealed gradually throughout the film.It is very rare that you leave an extreme horror film saying, “God, that is a really great story,” but this is exactly what I said as I was leaving the theater.


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